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"In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all. We live and breathe our values and focus on doing things the right way, providing the perfect environment for all our children to flourish and succeed. And with a diverse range of schools in two contrasting locations, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive, creative and forward-thinking environment."
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Upton Cross Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Nick Turvey Executive Head Teacher
Michelle Richardson Associate Head Teacher
Rashida Khan Head of Site and Year Leader for Years 1 and 3 (OR)
Charlotte Moore Head of Site and Year Leader for Year 6 (CA)
Emma Quare

Assistant Head Teacher

Year Leader for Nursery & Reception

(CA and OR)

Marti Jones

Assistant Head Teacher

Year Leader for Year 1 and Year 3 (CA)

Emma Turtington

Assistant Head Teacher

Year Leader for Year 2 (CA and OR)

Zubeda Lulat

Assistant Head Teacher

Year Leader for Years 4 and 5 (OR)

Erika Bond Lead SENCO


Teaching Staff



Acorns - Ms. Begum
(Nursery Manager)
Conkers - Ms. Edwards
(Nursery Manager)
Elm - Ms. Ali  Ash - Ms. Begum
Oak - Ms. Alom Bay - Ms. Bull 
  Yew - Ms. French
Year 1
Cherry - Ms. Watts (NQT) Apple - Ms. John
Damson - Ms. Wicks Olive - Ms. Ingram (NQT)
  Plum - Ms. Robson
Year 2
Beech - Ms. Robinson Holly - Ms. Howard/Ms Mehmet
Maple - Ms. Pandor Larch - Ms. Donaldson
  Pine - Ms. Jenkin
Year 3
Birch - Ms. Begum Aspen - Ms. Worth
Willow - Mr Lester (NQT) Elder - Ms. Tully
  Spruce - Mr. Russell
Year 4
Chestnut - Ms. Carlsson

Hazel - Ms Mittra 

Hawthorn - Mr. Page (NQT) Poplar - Ms. Latimer
  Redwood - Not Open
Year 5
Hornbeam - Mr. Gandesha Juniper - Ms. Begum
Mulberry - Ms. Stokes Rowan - Ms. Fitzpatrick
Magnolia - Ms. Cerkezi
Year 6
Acacia - Mr. MacDonald           

 Cedar - Ms. Fisher

Sycamore - Ms. Lumu

 Eucalyptus - Ms. Grehan

Laurel - Ms. Edwin (NQT)


Ms. Aubrey SENCO
Ms. Egbochue Lead Safeguarding Officer (OR)
Ms. Graham  Lead Safeguarding Officer (CA)

Ms. Arora

Learning Support Teacher

Ms. Beavis PPA teacher 
Ms. Simpson PPA teacher 
Ms. King PPA teacher 
Ms. Bielicka  PPA teacher 
Mr Hall  PPA Teacher
Ms Ubhey  PPA Teacher
Ms Fagnoul  PPA Teacher
Ms Khanam PPA Teacher

Educational Support Staff




Ms. Sheikh 

Ms. Sira

Ms. Patel 


Ms. Imtiaz

Ms. Maqbool

Year 1

Ms. Anwar

Ms. Aslam 

Ms. Mirza

Year 2 

Ms. Santokhi

Year 3- 6


Ms Harill

Ms. Nunes

Ms. Fuwa

Ms. O'Hagan

Ms Poole




Ms. Karim

Ms. Rahman


Ms. Patel

Ms. Sarigat 


Year 1 

Ms. Hussain

Ms. Mushaji

Year 2 

Ms. Mirza

Ms. Patel 

Years 3-6

Ms. Patel

Ms. Wood

Ms. Williams 

Ms. Gillin

Ms Ahmed 

Ivy Class 

Ms. Rahman

Mr. Harnden

Ms. Majid


First Language Assistants

Ms. Adheme

Ms. Bielicka

Pastoral Managers Ms. Choudhury (Lead Pastoral Manager) 
Ms. Sturge (CA - pm)

Ms. Tailor - RWI leader


Welfare support and midday supervisory assistants

Ms. Graham, Ms. Patel, Ms. Rooprai, Ms. Strange, Ms. Tabassum, Mr. Tailor, Ms. Tailor, Ms. Siddiqui, Ms. Islam


Administrative/Site team

Ms. Hirani School Business Manager 
Ms. Patel

Administration Officer - Finance

Ms. Watson 

Administrative Officer - Admissions and Marketing 

Ms. Bhudiya

Administrative Officer -Premises & Health and Safety

Ms. Almeida


Administrative Officer -Attendance



                  Ms. Hussain Ms. Dadrah
Site Supervisor
                 Mr.Matthews   Mr. Akbar
Ms Ramos
Kitchen Team 
Ms. Akter, Ms. Fersi, Ms. Khan & Ms. Kembua

Ms. Ogunsan & Ms. Williams

Cleaner in Charge 
                    Ms. Hirani   Mr. Madika
Ms. Hirani, Ms. Virk, Mr Abie & Ms Emmanuel Ms. Appiah, Ms. Adoo, Ms Njai & Ms Banu