Part of the Learning in Harmony Trust

"In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all. We live and breathe our values and focus on doing things the right way, providing the perfect environment for all our children to flourish and succeed. And with a diverse range of schools in two contrasting locations, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive, creative and forward-thinking environment."
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Upton Cross Primary School


Upton Cross is an inclusive and vibrant learning community. Our pupils are welcoming, confident and thrive in a culture of collaboration. Pupils apply our school motto of 'Education with Pride' and this can be seen throughout our school community. 

Pupils are intrinsically motivated to adhere to the school values of:






These values not only foster a positive learning environment but also equip our pupils with essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom and will prepare them for the wider world. We value not only academic achievements but also personal development and character building.

Everyone at Upton Cross Primary School has:

  • The right to feel safe (emotionally/relationally/physically).

  • The right to learn (without undue/unfair distraction or disruption).

  • The right to be treated with respect (fair treatment/equality).

    These rights are promoted through our school values, assembly themes and learning opportunities.

Recognising Positive Behaviour

The emphasis in behaviour management will always focus on seeking out and drawing attention to the behaviour which we wish to develop.  In addition to praise, the reward system at Upton Cross is based on:

  • Living our school motto - ‘Education with Pride’ 

  • Living and demonstrating our school values - Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Determination and Empathy

  • Demonstrating effective learning behaviours and attitudes that are significant for that child.

Restorative Approach

At Upton Cross, we promote a restorative approach to managing behaviour. Restorative practices focus on student reflection, communication and making amends. The practice is grounded in the acknowledgement that ‘all behaviour is communication’ and supports the wellbeing of all those involved. At Upton Cross, we use restorative strategies to support students to take accountability for their actions, reflect on the impact of their behaviours and take steps to repair and restore relationships.