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Upton Cross Primary School

Online Safety 

On this page, you will be able to find information and activities which focus on Online Safety. There will be documents to support both parents and pupils.

We are very proud to say that we are a National Online Safety Certified school for this academic year. We continue to ask questions and challenge one another as a school community to ensure that we are aware of how we should approach anything we do online. We are developing into learners who are conscious of what an online profile and presence truly means in 2022. You will see throughout this page we have many links you can follow to useful resources and hope you keep an eye out for our regular newsletter updates. 
Websites such as Child net and thinkuknow are just some of the amazing resources that are available for parents alongside the National Online Safety website.

In the picture above, there are a range of people which you can contact and websites you should visit to become better informed about online safety.

We as a school gathered together on the 8th February to celebrate how to be responsible online.

Online Safety

Google Classroom Top Tips

As a school, we use Google Classroom throughout the day. The children should then be going online at home and using it to reflect on their learning.

Here are some ideas to help them make sure they are working efficiently when accessing their virtual classes. 

  • Commenting should be purposeful - not about any other students only about the learning.
  • Any pictures you post should not be of yourself, only of your work.
  • You should not post your details on Google Classroom.
  • You should not reveal your password on Google Classroom.
  • When posting your work online be careful you do not post anything else alongside it (images, personal information).
  • You should not join any meetings without an adult.

Parent Resources

Want to know more about communicating online with your children? This poster will give you all the conversation starters you need. 

to send to parents conversation starters.pdf

Here are some child friendly activities you can do as a family to make sense of the digital world.

to send to parents family activities.pdf

Keeping Children Safe Online

Government Tips for Parents

Click the links below to access some more activities for your children.

Pupil Activities

Privacy and Security - What should you keep safe?

Online Safety 1 - Who should you tell?

Online Safety 2: Who should you trust? What information should we reveal?

Online Safety 3: Learn the SMART rules