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Upton Cross Primary School

Welcome to RECEPTION

We are delighted to welcome your children to their new classes in Early Years Foundation Stage. In this term, our focus will be on:

All About Me and People in Our Community 

Starting school/My new class/New Beginnings/My Family/Relationships/Feelings & Emotions/What I like?/What am I good at?

Familiarise ourselves with Upton Park

Key Information

PE Days:

Elm and Oak: Monday and Tuesday

Ash and Bay: Monday and Tuesday

EYFS Nativity Showcase:

Thursday 14th December 2023 at 10am and 2pm

Autumn Term Curriculum


We will be reading a range of stories  that will enhance their knowledge about the world and their community. We will also be using RWI phonic sounds to help support with reading and writing CVC words  and simple sentences. Please continue to support your child by listening to them read daily and helping them to learn their sounds.


This half term, we will be counting matching, sorting and comparing numbers to 10. Children will use carefully selected resources to enable conceptual understanding of number.

Learning Journey 

In Autumn, we will be exploring what is important to me and others. They will be learning about similarities and differences in people and what they choose to celebrate. What happens at Diwali? (Celebrating). Diwali is a Hindu New Year festival At Diwali, Hindus remember the story of Rama and Sita. 


In Music we will be learning about my musical heartbeat. 

Every piece of music has a heartbeat - a musical heartbeat. In music, we call it the 'pulse' or the 'beat' of the music. When you are listening and singing to the music and songs in this Unit, try to find and keep the pulse or steady beat together.


In PE our topic is Locomotion. We will be learning how to move around safely by running, jumping and walking in different ways. We will also be learning how to change direction and move at different speeds.


In Computing we will be using a program called Mini Mash

 We will be learning about understanding the world, exploring a range of online activities.


Being Me in My World and Celebrating Differences

Manage our emotions and feelings. Talk to your child about what they are learning in school. Encourage your child to talk about their ideas during play and to make their own decisions about what resources they will need for their chosen activity. Encourage your child to reflect and say what they could do better next time.


In spanish, we will be learning about numbers (Los Numeros), colours( Los Colores), days of the week.