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Upton Cross Primary School

Welcome to YEAR 2

We are very pleased to welcome your children back into their new classroom for a new year of learning. This term, we will be focussing on recalling and embedding the children’s prior Year 1 learning before extending into areas of greater challenge. Children will be encouraged continually to achieve their best against our school values of perseverance, respect, independence, determination and empathy. Our packed curriculum and workshop opportunity means there is something for all children to enjoy and excel at.

 Key Information

PE Days

Holly and Pine: Tuesday and Wednesday

Beech and Maple: Tuesday and Thursday

Year Group Showcase

Friday 9th February 2024

Autumn Term Curriculum


In English, we will be developing our reading skills to decode new words, retrieve and infer ideas from a range of texts. Our writing texts will be a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry to start developing children’s writing for a range of purposes and audiences.


In Maths this term, we shall be consolidating children’s knowledge of numbers 1-100 using different operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Learning Journey 

In Autumn 1, we will be learning about our big question, ‘Why did Jesus tell stories?’ in R.E., and the Great Fire of London in History. Moving into Autumn 2, we will be developing our Science skills to study the similarities and differences between animals and humans. We shall also be learning some of the techniques and styles used to paint traditional African masks.


In music we will be learning about pulse, rhythm and pitch.

Music has a pulse, a steady beat. Music is also made up of long and short and high and low sounds, called ‘rhythm’ and ‘pitch’. These elements combine when we sing and play.


In PE we will be learning about Health and Well Being. We will be working on improving our agility, balance and coordination.


In Computing we will be learning how to use the keyboard effectively.

Here are some of the skills that we will be working on: 

- To understand the correct way to sit at

the keyboard.

-To learn how to use the home, top and bottom row keys.

-To practise typing with the left and

right hand.


Our unit thei term is 'Being Me in My World'. Children will identify their hopes and fears for the future and explore their rights and responsibilities within class and school.


In Spanish we will be learning Colours (Los Colores) Numbers (Los Numeros) 1-10 and Days of the week (Calendario