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Upton Cross Primary School

Welcome to YEAR 3

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to your children as they return to their new classroom for another exciting year of learning. This term, out primary emphasis will be on reinforcing and firmly establishing the knowledge and skills your children have acquired in previous years, before delving into more advanced and challenging learning. Throughout the term, we will consistently motivate and support your children in reaching their highest potential, guided by our school's core values of perseverance, respect, independence, determination and empathy. Our comprehensive and engaging curriculum aims to ensure that every child will find something they can relish and excel in.

Key Information

PE Days

Birch and Willow: Monday and Tuesday

Aspen: Monday and Tuesday

Year 3 Showcase

Friday 22nd March 2024

Autumn Term Curriculum


In English, we will delve into various literary genres, equipping our children with the skills needed for writing a variety of stories and non fiction texts such as leaflets and brochures; instructions; non chronological reports and biographies. Additionally, we will also explore using a wider range of conjunctions to create compound and complex sentences.


In Maths we will be learning about place value, and reading and writing numbers within 1000. Furthermore, we will be learning how to use rapid recall to secure our understanding of our times tables and their related division facts, all while  considering how these link with addition and subtraction.

Learning Journey 

In RE, we will look at how Jesus and Buddha make people stop and think and we will also explore the significance of light within religion. In Geography, we will be learning about the continent of Europe, specifically France and the UK. In Science, we will be learning about Animals, including humans. Within this topic we will be investigating the importance of exercising and eating a varied and balanced diet. We will learn how some animals, including humans, have a skeleton and muscles for support. In the second half of the autumn term,  we will be exploring ‘light’. Throughout  this unit we will learn about the difference between light and dark, whilst also gaining insight into the potential dangers of sunlight. Our exploration will extend to understanding how we are able to create shadows and how we can manipulate the size and definition of shadows.  


In music we will be learning about writing music down. Long and short (rhythm) and high and low (pitch) sounds can be represented by musical symbols. These symbols can be written on a stave and named with special musical names.


In PE we will be learning about Health and Well being. The focus will be on mindfulness. We will be learning how to use different relaxation techniques. Pupils will also be working on improving their agility, balance and coordination in Netball.


To understand the purpose of the slides tool. We will be learning to:
• Add slides to presentations
• Add media to presentations
• Format text appropriately


Our topic in PSHE this term will be ‘Being Me in My World’ where the children will identify their hopes and fears for the future and explore how to work effectively as part of a group. We will learn about how our behaviour brings rewards and consequences. The children will also be looking at ‘celebrating differences’ where they will learn about difference between us and how this may affect our everyday lives. Additionally, we will delve into the topic of bullying and strategies for addressing it should it occur.


In Spanish we will be learning Colours (Los Colores) Numbers (Los Numeros) 1-20 and Days of the week (Calendario)