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Upton Cross Primary School

Year 2 - Learning @ Home

On this page, you will find ideas to help Year 2 pupils learn at home. 

Are you feeling worried about something?

With everything that is happening at the moment, it is perfectly normal to be worried. If there are things which are making you feel sad, angry or upset then there are people you can talk to and some wonderful resources to help you.

We have compiled some links and techniques to help you cope with any emotions you are struggling with at home but please talk to us in school. 



Log into Google Classroom.

Use your school email


Use your normal password

Log into Bug Club, you can use it on a phone, tablet or computer.

Log into MyMaths and complete the tasks you have been set. 

Log into Times Tables Rockstars and practise your Times Tables.

In order to get onto Times Tables Rockstars, use your Bug Club login details with .316

Example: username.316

Log into Busy Things and find your favourite activity. 

Use your Bug Club login details with .316

Example: username.316

How to access Google Classroom

Click on the video below to see a tutorial on how to use Google Classroom.

Below, please find the information on how to login - translated into different languages:











Set 1, 2 & 3 sounds - Click Here

Set 2 & 3 sounds - Click Here

Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube. More info here

Learning @ Home

Reading Project Video

What book will you be reading and learning about? Watch the video to find out more and don't forget to tweet your learning!


Spelling is a key skill that your child will need to use in daily life. Spelling aids reading and helps consolidate the connection between sounds and letters. Learning high frequency sight words has also been shown to help with both reading and writing. 

From Reception onwards, each year group or phase has a selection of words that we call our non-negotiables - words that we expect every child in that year group to learn before the end of the year or phase. As many of our children are currently learning at home, we have created specific spelling home learning projects to help them learn how to spell these words. Within these home learning projects, there are a range of engaging activities that will support your child to learn these spellings.

Multiplication and Division

Times tables are an essential aspect of mathematics. Knowing the times tables (and their associated division facts) supports mathematical learning and understanding of new concepts. We have created a project which focuses on a strategy based approach. This means that children will be exploring a range of methods in which they can use to learn about times tables. This would build understanding by focusing on connections in order to support retrieval and application of times tables. 

W/C: 30/03/2020

Fossils and Dinosaurs - Click Here 

Superheroes - Click Here

Living Things & Their Habitats - Click Here

Significant People - Click Here

Numbers in French - Click Here

Recycling - Click Here

W/C: 06/04/2020

Spelling - Click Here

English - Click Here

Maths - Click Here

Animals - Click Here

Geography - Click Here

Easter Story (RE) - Click Here

Computing - Click Here

Art - Click Here

Music - Click Here

W/C: 13/04/2020

Phonics - Click Here

Parks & Gardens (DT) - Click Here

Eiffel Tower (French) - Click Here

English - Click Here

Mary Seacole (History) - Click Here

Maths - Click Here

NHS - Click Here

P.E. - Click Here

Materials (Science) - Click Here

W/C: 20/04/2020

Spelling - Click Here

Julia Donaldson - Click Here

Tell the time - Click Here

Water - Click Here

Castles - Click Here

Computing & Writing - Click Here

Art - Click Here

Music - Click Here

The Lost Sheep - Click Here

W/C: 27/04/2020

Spelling - Click Here

Rumplestilskin - Click Here

2D Shapes - Click Here

Rainforests - Click Here

Kings & Queens (History) - Click Here

French - Click Here

Fruit Salad (DT) - Click Here

P.E for all - Click Here

P.E: Bag the Beans - Click Here

PSHE: Kindness Calendar - Click Here

W/C: 04/05/2020

Punctuation: Full Stop & Capital letter - Click Here

English: Tiger came to tea - Click Here

Maths: Solving Problems - Click Here

Science: Materials - Click Here

Geography: All about the UK - Click Here

Computing: Algorithms - Click Here

Art: Drawing with Scissors - Click Here

Sound of Music - Click Here

RE: Ramadhan and Eid - Click Here

W/C: 11/05/2020

Compound Words - Click Here

English: Dear Zoo - Click Here

Maths: Money, identify values - Click Here

Science: Stephen Hawking - Click Here

History: Mary Anning - Click Here

French: Colours - Click Here

DT: Bridges - Click Here

PE: Movement - Click Here

PSHE: Jobs in the Community - Click Here

W/C: 18/05/2020

Spelling - Click Here

English: The Very Hungry Catapillar - Click Here

Maths: Comparing Volume - Click Here

Science: Seasonal Change - Click Here

History: VE Day - Click Here

Geography: Australia - Click Here

Computing: We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Click Here

Abstract Art - Click Here

Music: Flash Rhythms - Click Here

RE: The Good Samaritan - Click Here

W/C: 25/05/2020

Spelling: Plurals - Click Here

English: Roald Dahl - Click Here

Maths: Money - Click Here

Science: Human Body - Click Here

History: Famous Explorers - Click Here

French: Pets - Click Here

DT: Transport & Vehicles - Click Here

PE: 60 Second Challenge - Click Here

PSHE: Goals - Click Here

W/C: 01/06/2020

Spelling: Adding the prefix 'un' - Click Here

English: The Day the Crayons Quit - Click Here

Geography: Africa - Click Here

Computing: Taking Pictures - Click Here

Art: Numbers & Letters - Click Here

RE: Celebrations - Click Here

W/C: 08/06/2020

Summer Term Spellings - Click Here

English: The Snail & the Whale - Click Here

Maths: Equivalent Fractions - Click Here

Science: Light & Sound - Click Here

History: Rosa Parks - Click Here

French: Facts about France - Click Here

DT: Building & Landmarks - Click Here

PE: Catching Skills - Click Here

PSHE: Staying Calm - Click Here

W/C: 15/06/2020

Punctuation: Question Marks & Exclamation Marks - Click Here

English: The Gruffalo - Click Here

Maths: Fractions - Click Here 

Science: Forces & Movement - Click Here

Geography: Looking after the Planet - Click Here

Computing: Designing a Dream House - Click Here

Art: Colour & Shape - Click Here

RE: Holy Books - Click Here

W/C: 22/06/2020

Geography: Locations - Click Here

French: Numbers Revision - Click Here

Maths: Positional Language - Click Here

Reading Project: The Diary of a Killer Cat - Click Here

W/C: 29/06/2020

Summer Term Spellings - Click Here

English: Zog - Click Here

Maths: Using coins and notes - Click Here

Geography: The Continents - Click Here

CSR Project: Wellbeing - Dealing with my Emotions - Click Here

Project: Emergency Services - Click Here

Project: All about my Family - Click Here

W/C: 06/07/2020

Punctuation: Question marks and Exclamation marks - Click Here

English: The Rainbow Fish - Click Here

Maths: Importance of saving money - Click Here

Science: Habitats - Click Here

History: Toys in the Past - Click Here

French: Bedroom revision - Click Here

CSR Project: Waste and Recycling - Click Here

Project: Food - Click Here

Project: Keeping Healthy - Click Here

W/C: 13/07/2020

English: The Seaside - Click Here

Maths: Where can I keep my money safe? - Click Here

Geography: Weather - Click Here

RE: Introduction to Judaism - Click Here

CSR Project: The impact of littering - Click Here

Project: Olympics - Click Here

Project: Space - Click Here

Summer Holiday Projects

Geography: Landmarks - Click Here

Art: Masks - Click Here

CSR Project: Fairtrade - Click Here

Project: Summer Fair - Click Here

Project: Transitions - Click Here